What’s the Median Rent across Canada and What Will That Get You


When it feels like the Canadian dollar is becoming more and more like monopoly money everyday, there is — at least — good news on the horizon for renters.

Vacancy rates are going up in many metropolitan centres across the country and rent prices are remaining stable or dropping.

CMHC stated in its Spring 2015 Rental Market Report that vacancy rates rose in cities like Calgary (3.2% from 1.8%) and Regina (4.8% from 2.5%) but lowered in both Vancouver (1.4% from 1.8%) and Toronto (1.8% from 1.9%). For renters, this means that they will have more living options in many Canadian cities where housing prices might be out of reach.

Across the country, average rent prices vary dramatically. It’s location, location, location in the real estate business, and if you want to live in Vancouver your dollar isn’t going to stretch as far as it would in, say, Montreal.


Here are  average rental prices for one-bedroom apartments across Canada, and a bit of information on what that will get you in some cities across the country.

Average rental price: $1079

What that gets you:

• 560 Square Feet
• On-Site Laundry
• Heated Outdoor Pool

So you’ll have to stretch your wallet a little further than the average rental price to find a one-bedroom in Vancouver at the moment BUT you’ll get a pool for your extra $200. And, you know, it’s Vancouver so you might even be able to use it for six months of the year 🙂

Average rental price: $1122

What that gets you:

• 684 Square Feet
• Trendy inner-city Location
• Fitness Centre and Laundry

Commutes in Calgary are no joke, so living close to downtown is a HUGE bonus. You also get a pretty swanky kitchen and a workout facility so you might be able to keep your New Year resolutions this year.

  • Apartments for rent in Toronto

Average rental price: $1103

What that will get you:

• Freshly Renovated Suites
• Indoor Parking
• On-Site Laundry

Yearning for a luscious view? Take a look at some of the apartments in Toronto listed on RentSeeker.ca.  Recently updated and with easy access to transit, these Toronto apartments will give you the best of both worlds — big city leaving in a park-like setting.

Average rental price: $668

What that will get you:

• An INDOOR Pool
• Underground Parking
• On-Site Laundry

Okay, people. Let’s talk about this indoor pool — in an apartment that costs less than $1000 a month! Like, you can pay for this apartment, swim every day, and still have money left over for poutine and Montreal bagels. WIN 😉

Average rental price: $813

What that will get you:

• First Month Free
• Pets Allowed
• Parking

Do you have a pet AND a car? You’re in luck! Some apartment listings on RentSeeker.ca have on-site parking and welcomes pets — so fluffy can run around that GIANT living room and you’ll be able to drive her to the dog park. Everyone’s happy!

Average rental price: $918

What that will get you:

• 675 Square Feet
• Parking Included
• Utilities Included

For under $1000 you can live in an apartment with a sizable kitchen and you don’t have to worry about heating bills! So, you know, when it’s -35 degrees you can crank the heat instead of burying yourself in 12 sweaters and a Snuggie.

Find out what the average rents are in cities across Canada here. And, find a great selection of apartments, condos and homes for rent across Canada by checking out Canada’s #1 Apartment Finder -> www.RentSeeker.ca!

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