Tips for Getting to Know All the Hot Spots in Your City


When you rent an apartment, you might be moving to a new city for the first time. While searching for an apartment today has gotten easier with websites and apartment finders like offering a large selection of apartment rentals available for rent, moving can be overwhelming — all the more so when you’re in a totally new environment.

Being in a new city for the first time is a great opportunity to find the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment your new home has to offer. When you don’t know the area, it can be tough to find a good place for a romantic dinner or a lounge with fantastic music for a low-key night out. When you move to a new city, there are a few ways that you can familiarize yourself with what your new home has to offer.

Start Online

Community sites like or can help you find specific restaurants or nightlife while giving you a good idea of what others in your area think about individual businesses. If you’re looking for a specific restaurant in Hamilton for example, Yelp is a solid place to start by using their targeted search options and reviewing what previous patrons have to say about the available restaurants.

Check out Local Publications

Your new city might have it’s own local magazine, or — depending of the size of the city — a few local publications. These magazines can be great places to get an idea of local culture and what’s on offer in your area. The publication might feature an events section — letting you know about gallery openings, concerts, live theater events, or fundraisers — or there might be an entertainment section that will give you the low-down on new restaurants in the area or club openings.

Word of Mouth

If you’re a student, ask classmates what their favorite eatery is in the area. See if your friends frequent any particular nightspot. If you’re employed, see what restaurants coworkers talk about as a great night out. Ask for ideas for date nights or see if anyone has been to a great show lately.

Get Out There

You’re in a new city — explore it! What better way to find the hot spots than trying out the different restaurants, clubs, and theaters nearby? Break out of your comfort zone and try something you normally wouldn’t — like sushi if you’ve tasted a salmon roll or a small family-run Greek restaurant for incredible baklava — you might find something completely amazing!