Small Space Living Solutions and Design Tips


Finding apartments for rent has become a simple, easy and (some would even say fun) experience with apartment finders like Now, even living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean living in cramped quarters, small square footage can be home to a bright, spacious and functional living space with just a few tips and tricks. put together a list of Small Space Living Solutions and Design Tips to help Renters maximize their Apartment Living Experience, check it out!


  • Art

With WallSnaps, you can create Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Pano Prints and more of all your favorite art or photos. They offer super easy, wall art with really neat add-on and customization options to really spruce up your apartment decor!

  • Find Storage in Unexpected Places:

Tight on closet space? Your bed-frame can work overtime to give you an extra place to store clothes or linens. IKEA’s Brusali bedframe comes with four drawers that will give you the storage space you’ve been looking for — without taking up any extra floor space.

  • Find Multi-Purposes for your Furniture

A good ottoman can serve as a coffee table, living room centerpiece, and a storage solution. This round ottoman with a vintage feel from Wayfair is a lovely focal point, functional coffee table, and opens up to offer a space for books, magazines, or DVDs.

  • Fill Up Your Space with an Elegant Sectional

Multiple pieces of furniture won’t necessarily make a small space feel bigger. A loveseat and a couple armchairs can make a tight living room feel cramped instead of spacious.

Fill the room with one statement piece — like this chic sectional from Urban Barn  — that will make smart use of the space and help the room feel larger.

  • Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

Hanging mirrors is a great trick to make a small room feel bigger. Reflect light to create the illusion of a grander space with a gorgeous accent mirror like this unique piece from LOWE’S.

  • Decorate in Light Colours to Create an Airy, Fresh Space

Smaller spaces demand light, fresh colours. Dark colours on the walls and in furniture and accents can bog down a room and make it appear closed-in and tiny. Fresh colours like these pastel pieces from Bouclair Home can help brighten a room and make it seem more spacious.

  • Think Outside the Design

When is a bookcase more than a bookcase? When you get creative and transform it into a chic free-standing pantry. Not having a pantry in your apartment kitchen can feel limiting — it’s hard to cook at-home meals when there’s nowhere to properly store dry food.

Fix the problem by hanging a fun fabric curtain in front of the ubiquitous IKEA Billy bookshelf. You can add a focal point to your kitchen while hiding your pantry items.

  • Use Area Rugs to Break up a Continuous Space

Create the effect of a larger living space by breaking up a continuous room — like in a studio apartment — with strategically placed area rugs. You can easily make one room feel like three by designating a bedroom area, living room area, and study nook by separating those spaces with eye-catching floor coverings, like this rug from JYSK.

A small place doesn’t have to feel limiting. With strategic decorating and smart design decisions, your tiny apartment can feel like a spacious and functional designer living space in no time.