Lower your Hydro Bill


If you pay your own hydro bill or even if it is included in your rent…

Here are some tips on how to be more environmentally conscious: montreal apartment rentals

  • In order to ensure your appliances last longer while operating as efficiently as possible, keep them in working order.
  • When purchasing appliances, look for ones that are energy efficient, not only will it help lower your bill, it will assist the environment too.
  • Purchase a power bar which will automatically shut off all connected applicances at the end of the day. This works well for the following appliances: TV’s, DVD Players, phone chargers and coffeemakers with built-iin clocks/timers. These appliances use what is called Phantom or Standby power even when turned off.
  • The only real necessity for pre-heating an oven is for baking. So, when doing other activities with your oven, preheat it for a minimum amount of time.
  • The range-top uses a lot less power than the oven, try using it more often than your oven.
  • Since an estimated 20% of the oven heat is lost when its door is opened, try limiting the amount of times and the length of time when opening it.
  • To warm-up leftovers, try using a microwave or toaster.
  • Check your refridgerator. Older models can use up to twice the power than an energy-efficient model. This will affect you most if you are the one paying the hydro bill.

Lowering your hydro bill can be quite easy especially for rental apartments in Toronto. The City of Toronto has numerous initiatives in helping the city become more ‘green’.

For more tips, visit http://everykilowattcounts.ca/