How to Find the Best Apartment Rental to Match Your Apartment Search Criteria


Finding the perfect apartment rental for you doesn’t have to be a time-consuming venture. Simply making a list (and checking it twice) that encompasses all of the amenities and services that are important to you will allow you to narrow down your apartment rental search quickly. Not sure where to start on your master wish list? Keep it short and sweet and put’s how-to guide to use.Apartment Search

Set Your Price:

The best jumping-off point for your apartment rental search is the price. How high are you willing to go to get the amenities you want? Even more important – how much rent can you afford? There are a number of handy rent calculators available online that will help you to determine the ideal monthly rent you can handle based on your income and other financial commitments. Once you’ve got your number in mind, you can begin your apartment rental hunt online by narrowing down your search to apartments that are within your specific price range.

Want It, Need It, Can’t Live Without It:

It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of your apartment rental search. Jot down your preferences, such as an in suite washer/dryer, indoor parking or even an on-site gym. Once you have your wish list created, it will help you to sort out what you absolutely need to have in your apartment rental (if you have a cat, for example, it’s a must that your dream apartment accept pets) and what you can afford to live without. While it would be nice to have an in suite washer and dryer, it is not necessarily a deal breaker if the apartment rentals you are looking at do not have the feature.

Have Car, Will Travel:

Depending on your usual mode of transportation, you’ll want an apartment rental that accommodates you. If you have a car, onsite parking (underground or street level) would be an ideal addition to your list of must-have amenities. If the building is situated close to major thoroughfares, making it easier to get to and from work and your daily errands, even better. If you’re usually on foot, scope out the transit situation near the building. Are there bus or subway stops close by or will the daily hike to catch your bus make living in the building a chore? Depending on the city you live in, most apartment rentals will have some form of mass transit close by.

Love Thy Neighbourhood:

Finally, the location of the apartment rental is important. What are you looking for in a neighbourhood? If you have children, proximity to a school or playground would be an ideal addition to the neighbourhood you choose to call home. If you love the nightlife, being within walking distance of a wide array of restaurants and bars might be more up your alley. No matter what your lifestyle, having amenities like grocery stores, cafes and shopping malls nearby will make life easier and more enjoyable. Use online tools like WalkScore to determine just how close these conveniences are to your new apartment rental, or simply take a walk around the neighbourhood and see how it feels for you.

With any successful apartment rental search, there are always a number of factors to consider. Apartment Guide provides more tips in their blog “How to Find The Best Apartment For You”:

Before you can figure out how to find the best apartment, you’ve got to know yourself — your home lifestyle, that is. A good way to start an apartment search is to think about how your lifestyle affects your apartment needs. Ask yourself: what kind of apartment dweller are you? Do you need a quiet apartment where you can relax or study all day long? Or do you need a place to rest your head at night in between work and an active social life?

All of these questions will help you pinpoint exactly what you need and want in an apartment, which is important. In any given city, you’ll likely have a number of apartment hunting options, so it’s best to know what you want before you search — that way you stay focused and don’t get overwhelmed by choices.

The next step in finding the best apartment is to set apartment hunting priorities. Once you know what you need from your next apartment, it’s good to get all of your needs and wants down on paper. As you start your apartment search, you can refer to this list to ensure you only consider apartments that meet your criteria.

Once you determine the location, amenities and price that make up the best apartment for you, an important way to make sure you get what you want is to stay organized. That means planning your moving schedule, taking detailed notes while you are on apartment visits and keeping all of the related paperwork in one handy place. Creating an apartment search file is a good way to stay on top of all of the brochures, references and applications you’re going to accumulate.

Keep in mind that while you’re apartment hunting, so are many others. In areas where competition for the best apartments is stiff, you can give yourself a leg up on other renters. First, have all of your references and application items ready to go so that when you do find the apartment of your dreams, you’ll be ready to submit an application on the spot. You’ll likely also need to have your checkbook with you so can write a check for the application and security deposit.

These tips should help you find the best apartment rental to match your search criteria!

The RentSeeker Team