Get Organized! Space Saving Tips for Small Apartments


Finding room for all of your possessions can be a challenge if you are living in a smaller apartment. If purging a lot of the things you own is not something that you want to do (or even putting many of your possessions into an off-site storage locker), follow some of our creative tips for making the most out of your cozy space. Apartment 3-D Floor Plans

Clutter Control:

The biggest no-no when it comes to a small space is having a lot of clutter lying around. This runs the gamut from newspapers and magazines haphazardly tossed onto various tables to a drawer filled to the brim with odds and ends. You would be surprised how quickly your home feels organized by simply removing clutter. Stack magazines and other reading materials neatly on one table rather than having them strewn throughout the home; tidy up the dreaded “junk drawer” so it is easier to find what you are looking for; dust areas that have gone neglected for far too long. Need more motivation to de-clutter? The Mayo Clinic advises that having a cluttered home can be a contributor to stress. So get organized and help to reduce your overall stress level!

Invest in Wall Storage Units:

Purchase (or make, if you are handy!) a wall storage unit to help organize your life. We aren’t talking about your run-of-the-mill bookshelf – we mean a storage unit with various “cubicles” that are the perfect size for anything you can imagine, such as ornaments, flowers, baskets, photo albums and, yes, books. These types of wall units allow you to constantly add to and reorganize each cubicle; great if you enjoy moving around your possessions to “refresh” the look of your home. A variety of colours and finishes are available to suit every taste and decor scheme.

“Hide” Items:

Have some things that you only use a few times a year, but just can’t bear to part with them? Why not “hide” them from view, either under your bed or on the top shelf of a closet? Boxes and baskets that fit perfectly under your bed can be purchased for very little money, and will help to keep your “sometimes” items safe from dirt and dust. Even better – invest in furniture that has built in storage, such as foot rests or ottomans that lift up to reveal deep storage areas. Here you can safely store extra blankets and pillows for those cold winter evenings when you really need them!

Small Bathrooms:

A small bathroom generally means that you won’t have much space to store all of your personal care items. There are a few steps you can take in these cases. First, consider moving some items from your bathroom into your bedroom to display on top of your dresser. These types of items would include nail polish or perfumes – toiletries that do not handle the steam of a shower very well. Plus, the bottles of perfume and cologne are generally quite beautiful in their own right and can help to add a unique flair to your bedroom. Second, you will want to invest in a small storage unit that can fit easily under a sink or beside a tub. In the bathroom, a clear plastic storage container that has three to five drawers is your best bet – it is easy to clean, allows you to see through to find the exact item you need and can withstand the fluctuating temperatures of the bathroom environment!

Looking for more ways to cut the clutter and conserve that much-needed space? Style at Home offers 25 more excellent space-saving tips that you can use to make the most of your apartment!

1. Add shelves above doorways.

2. Banish room-darkening shadows with additional light fixtures.

3. Put glass shelves across deep-set windows.

4. Use a chest or an ottoman with storage inside as a coffee table.

5. Put low bookcases along a sofa back: they’ll double as a sofa table.

6. Keep the flooring throughout a small space the same for visual continuity.

7. Line a room with a shelf high up on the wall.

8. Keep window treatments simple.

9. Run a low bookcase underneath windows.

10. Stretch your space to the outdoors by making a patio or deck comfortable and welcoming.

11. Place a large bucket for magazines next to your favourite chair.

12. Line a hallway with bookshelves.

13. Use a wicker hamper as both an end table and storage space for blankets.

14. Buy a coffee table with a drawer for remotes.

15. Carve out shallow display space between wall studs.

16. Use fewer, larger pieces of furniture and accessories to reduce visual clutter.

17. Choose sofas and chairs with plain or textured upholstery rather than vibrant prints.

18. Install shelves around a window.

19. Add window seats with lids.

20. Run shelves up to the ceiling.

21. Buy a magazine rack or stack magazines in flat-bottom baskets underneath a console or coffee table.

22. Take advantage of wasted space with corner bookcases.

23. Think monochromatic.

24. Eliminate obstructions: the further you can see into and through a space, the larger it’ll seem.

25. Arrange furnishings to avoid blocking views of windows and doors.

We hope that these tips will help you to make your apartment feel even more like home! Happy organizing!

-The Team