DIY Design Tips and Ideas for Apartment Decorating


When you move into a new apartment, chances are you don’t have the budget to shell out the big bucks at a home design boutique. Even if you don’t want to spend next month’s rent on home décor, you can still make your place look incredible with DIY’s projects!

The great thing about DIY is that you are infused into every piece you create. Your décor will truly reflect your style — and every time you look at the things you made you’ll be able to remember the fun time you had creating them (which is much better than the pang of remembering how much high-priced décor items cost).

With a lot of creativity and a little elbow grease, your apartment will become your perfect home base – filled with your personal style. Here are a few ways you can get you DIY on to spruce up your new place without breaking the bank.

  • Bring Nature Inside with Delightful Throw Pillows

Create your own pillow stamps!  Shop for some plain, inexpensive white throw pillows before heading outside to find the perfect natural leaves. Dip the leaves in contrasting fabric paint and stamp them on the pillows. Voila!

Throw Pillow Designs for your Apartment

  • Bring Some Class to Your Space with a DIY Chandelier

Are less than-appealing light fixtures keeping your space from living up to its potential? Create this easy chandelier to cover up your existing fixture. All you need is a hanging plant basket, spray paint, and a few beaded garlands!

Fun and Colorful DIY Chandelier for Your Apartment or Home

  • Make Your Bathroom More Regal

By simply adding a second shower curtain to your bathtub, you’ll give your bathroom an ultra-luxurious feel. Pick matching fabric curtains to add extra sumptuousness.

DIY Shower Curtain Ideas

  • Make an Expensive Looking Headboard

A headboard adds so much depth to a bedroom — it makes it looked polished without any effort! You can make your own, easy headboard by using a large piece of cardboard, some batting, fabric, and a staple gun.

DIY Headboard Design Ideas by

  • Repurpose a Pallet

Reusing is a terrific way to help the environment — and it helps when you can make something useful and attractive. Adding a few metal hooks to an old pallet and stenciling on “Coffee” gives you an incredibly cute place to hang your mugs! This is extra helpful if you’re short on cupboard space.

Repurpose a Pallet - DIY Tips

  • Add a Rustic Touch to Your Entryway

Another way to repurpose — this time with an old shutter! Paint the shutter in your favourite colour and hang in your entry way for a rustic-chic way to organize mail and papers.

Add a Rustic DIY Touch to your Entryway

  • Snazz-up Your Washer and Dryer

If your lucky enough to have an in-suite washer and dryer, you can make them a statement piece using electrical tape. This DIY is cheap, easy, and temporary — meaning you can remove the tape when it’s time to move out.

Cool Ideas for Designing Your Washer and Dryer

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