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Kicking the Cramp: Make the most of even the smallest apartment unit

Decorating a small apartment can seem like a challenge, especially if you’re limited by stringent rental rules. The goal is to keep your living area organized, while still adding flair to your home. After all, there’s no rule against making a rental unit your own! Here are some ideas to help maximize your space and make it stylish, comfortable and inviting. DYI Organizing Your Apartment Rental

Store & Hide Clutter:

When searching for pieces to add to your apartment, look for furniture that does double-duty, such as chairs and coffee tables that have storage areas inside them. Lift up the top to find extra space for blankets or pillows. To minimize clutter, fill baskets or plastic containers with out-of-season clothing or shoes and hide them under your bed. Keeping some of your stuff out of sight will make your space seem larger. You’ll be astonished to see that a little hiding can go a long way.

Bright Matters:

Mirrors of any shape or size can make a small apartment feel brighter and more spacious. Furniture and tables with metal or glass can also visually expand your unit. Covering every window with blinds or drapes will make a small space feel dark and cramped, so leave some windows bare to bring in the sun (this can also help keep heating bills down). If your apartment doesn’t have overhead lighting, floor or desk lamps can help illuminate a room. Choose lighter-coloured or translucent lampshades that allow more light to infuse the space.

Create a Focal Point:

Remember that gorgeous tapestry you picked up on your last trip abroad? Now you can actually do something with it! Hanging large pieces, painting just one wall a different colour or covering it with unique wallpaper will draw attention to the room and make it seem bigger. Put a bookcase or entertainment unit on that wall and decorate it with fun accessories. You can even hang pictures of friends and family to create visual interest.

Lighten Up:

Using lighter paint colours, such as pastel shades, will create the illusion of a wider apartment space. Paint manufacturers and stores have palettes that show how lighter or darker colours appear, as well as small paint sizes so you can sample the shades at home before making a commitment.

Making the most of a small rental apartment takes a lot of creativity and clever strategizing when it comes to selecting furniture and adding decorative touches. Choosing one larger piece of furniture for a small bedroom will make the area seem bigger. Chairs with legs create the illusion of more space in a room. Nightstands don’t always have to come in pairs. Make use of your walls as extra storage space by adding hooks or shelves. For more inspiration, check out DIY apartment blogs and keep coming back to the RentSeeker blog –we’re always updating with new and relevant rental information. As long as you remember these tricks, your apartment will feel more airy, less confined and totally livable!

The RentSeeker.ca Team