DIY Design Hacks for Your Apartment


Want to spruce up your apartment decor but don’t want to break the bank? If you’ve got a flair for DIY projects – and even if you don’t – we’ve found a number of fun and easy projects that will change the design of your decor. Read on for hacks that will have your apartment looking hot for the holidays and beyond.

DIY Design Hacks for your Apartment by RentSeeker
Picture Frames Without the Frame

In some apartments, you’re not able to make holes in the wall to hang framed posters and photos. So how can you display your artwork without violating this rule and losing your damage deposit? Enter washi tape. This inexpensive tape can be found at craft stores in a variety of colours and patterns and is the perfect way to frame your photos with flair. The best part? The tape comes off easily and doesn’t leave a mark.

Organize Your Pantry with – Shoes?

No doubt you’ve seen those over-the-door shoe holders that come in plastic or fabric varieties. While the verdict is out on how well they actually hold shoes, they do make the perfect companion for your pantry. These shoe holders, which can be found at most dollar stores for, well, a dollar, are great for holding lighter items that might get lost in the back of your pantry. This includes dry soup packets, granola bars, hot chocolate powders and more.

Goodbye Router

While a router is necessary to access the internet, they aren’t exactly the most visually pleasing items in a room. You can “hide” your router by using an old book – either one you already own (but don’t want any more) or one purchased from a used book store for a few dollars. The book must be hardcover and, this is important, you must not want to actually read the book because you’ll be cutting out the inside. Use a knife to carefully remove the pages (and then recycle them or use them for another DIY project) and voila – you are now the proud owner of a beautiful cover for your blinking router.

Paint in Unexpected Places

Like many apartment dwellers, you may not be able to paint your walls. But that doesn’t mean your desire for colour will go unfulfilled. Instead, add pops of colour to unexpected places like the side of your dresser drawers (so the colour is only visible when you open each drawer) or along the side of a door or even its frame. If you wish to paint the door, be sure to double check with your landlord before proceeding. Because it is such a small area, chances are you will get the all clear.

The Many Uses of Christmas Lights

Finally, one of the fastest ways to light up your life and change the decor of your apartment is to use Christmas tree lights. If you need to light up a dark walk-in closet, white/clear lights are the best way. Icicle lights also help to add some flair to your living room without making drastic changes to your lighting scheme. Of course, if you don’t want your apartment to feel like Christmas in July, stick with the clear versions. But, if you’re feeling festive or adventurous, go for the brightly coloured lights.

What are some of your favourite DIY design hacks? Let us know and we’ll include them in our next DIY post!

The RentSeeker Team