Apartment Hunting in the Winter? Start Online!


Apartment hunting in the wintertime can feel like an impossible task. With the frigid temperatures and the snow-covered properties, it’s difficult to get a feel for what an apartment building is really like. However, by starting your apartment search online you’ll get a clearer picture of what your future home can really be – all while staying warm.
Apartment Finder

At RentSeeker.ca, we have a number of features that will make your online apartment hunt an easy experience. By utilizing our targeted search options, you can find an apartment in your price range quickly. Once you’ve narrowed it down, you can see floor plans, photos and videos (so you’ll really know what the building looks like in the summertime). We also provide Walkscore information in each listing, allowing you to see at a glance all of the amenities in your potential new neighbourhood.

Along with the many benefits of searching for your apartment online in the winter, there are other ways that the coldest months are actually the perfect time to find your home.

Less Competition

In the wintertime, not as many people are out looking for apartments – particularly students. You’ll have far greater choice and you’ll be competing with far fewer other applicants. During the spring and summer months, many units can rent within hours of being listed. In the winter, you can take your time and really decide if a particular suite is the right fit for you.

Landlord Incentives

With the decreased competition comes the opportunity for landlords to provide move-in incentives and bonuses that they may not otherwise have the chance to do. This can include reduced rent for the first month or even a present (like a tablet) when you sign your lease. Ask the landlords of the various suites you are interested in about incentives. Even if they are unable to offer any, at least you asked! You may find that they will be willing to go the extra mile to secure you as a long-term tenant and offer something that is unadvertised.

Sharing a Space

If you’re looking to simply rent a room in an apartment, the winter is the perfect time to do so. Students, in particular, often have to move out sooner than their lease indicates due to school schedules. You can take advantage of these reduced-rent options by searching under student rentals and sharing a space with a brand new roommate. By the same token, you may find someone that needs to leave their apartment completely and requires someone to take over their lease. Depending on the type of apartment you need and the length of time you need it for, a lease takeover can be a viable option for you.

While pounding the pavement, a traditional way of finding apartments and getting to know neighbourhoods, is not always possible in the wintertime, you CAN find a great apartment by taking your search online. Don’t think that a winter apartment hunt is impossible – in many ways, it is the perfect time to find the right apartment at the right price. Good luck and happy apartment hunting!

The RentSeeker Team