Winter Etiquette for Apartment Renters


Winter etiquette? Yes, that is a thing! The cooler, darker months require us to adapt and ensure we are taking some different steps than normal to be courteous to our fellow residents. The days may feel long and cold, but a little etiquette goes a long way to brighten someone’s day! Apartments for Rent in Winter

Shoveling: Sure, this is generally done by your landlord or a company hired specifically for the task. Sometimes, however, a big storm hits, the snow is incredibly high and the hired company is unable to get to your building immediately. In these cases, a little elbow grease for the benefit of your entire apartment building community doesn’t hurt!
Everyone who is able can pitch in to shovel a little bit to at least make a pathway from your building to the sidewalk or parking lot. Even the kids can get involved by rolling the excess snow up into snowmen. Those who are unable to shovel but need to leave the building for appointments will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to build a community spirit within your apartment rental property.

Pets: It’s cold, it’s snowing and Fido needs to go outside to use the bathroom. How tempting it is to just let him go directly in front of the building so you can quickly run inside to warm up! It is important to still clean up after your pet, regardless of the temperature outside. Remember that someone may accidentally step in Fido’s mess, and you wouldn’t want that person to be you! And we all know, by the end of the winter, the snow in front of our rental apartment buildings can look a little worse for wear. Do your best to keep it looking as clean as possible.

Boots: When you come in from outside and into a common area of the apartment building, do your best to clean your boots on the front mat before heading into your suite. The salt, gravel and dirt that are used to melt ice on the roads and sidewalks all get tracked into the building via your boots. If it’s mostly contained to one area, it will be much easier for the person who needs to clean.

Cold Air: While you may feel hot (hey, some of us do with all of those layers on!) be mindful that others can be very sensitive to the cold. Do not prop open the front door of the building for an extended period of time. Don’t leave a window open in your rental apartment, as the draft can actually seep into neighbouring apartments. In addition to the cold drafts, having a window propped open can actually cause your electricity bill to skyrocket!

Winter is coming and it can feel long. A little kindness goes a long way to making your rental apartment community a safer and happier place during these months.

From all of us here at the Team – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!