Understanding QR (Quick Response) Codes for the Apartment Rental Industry


Want to understand QR Codes, how they work, potential benefits and uses for the apartment rental industry? Follow these simple steps:

1) Download the QR Code Scanner Pro (free) on Blackberry or iPhone APP worlds:

2) Scan RentSeeker.ca’s QR Code  —>

3) Your Smart Phone should direct you to a must see video on RentSeeker.ca’s YouTube channel about the importance and value of web and social media marketing presence.
RentSeeker.ca QR Code to Video for Web Marketing

Q. So…what is a QR Code and how can Landlords, Realtors, Condo Developers and Property Managers use them?

A. A QR Code is short for Quick Response Code, a barcode readable by smart phones that can store information which can be encoded text, URL or other data for quick reference.


Here are a few uses we quickly thought up with for uses specific to the apartment rental industry & our clients. Message us, or comment on this post if you can think of more to share!

1) Add a QR Code to your print ads so mobile readers can scan the code while sitting on a bus / or subway and be taken directly to you web / mobile site on their smartphone!

2) Add a QR Code to your business cards or print ads with information for prospective renters to be able to scan and see a rental incentive, contact information or url to that specific listing on your website!

3) Add a LARGE QR code at the lobby door of each apartment so prospective renters / walk in traffic/ can scan, and retrieve contact information for the rental agent or building superintendent!

-The Rentseeker.ca Team