Tips for Moving Apartments in the Winter


Moving is a fact of life, and we sometimes must do it during the winter months. There are a few extra steps you will need to take when moving apartments in the winter that you would not have to do during other seasons. Depending on where you live in the Great White North, the average temperature in January can range anywhere from 0C to -31C according to the Weather Network, so it is best to be prepared! Moving Apartment Tips from RentSeeker

Amass Supplies: A few helpful supplies will make your winter moving adventure go much more smoothly:

1. First, have a shovel on hand – even if the apartment building walkway is shoveled, you never know when you might need it. It might snow while you are moving, or you may need to dig out around your moving truck.

2. Another excellent item to have on hand is ice salt. If walking across the same sidewalk over and over has started to make it slick, putting down some ice salt will quickly rectify the problem and prevent any possible injuries.

3. Finally, grab some extra cardboard that can be put down in the lobby of your building as well as in your apartment to prevent slush and drift from being deposited on the clean floors.

Pack Smart:

Don’t pack away all of your winter clothing and gear into a box and then forget where it is. Keep out items you may need during the move – extra gloves, scarves, hats and sweaters. The key for a winter move is to layer your clothing so you can remove items when you become too hot or add items when you feel too cold. Just like traveling to a different climate! Ensure these items are easily accessible – putting them in the cab of the moving truck or in your car will let allow you to retrieve them easily when needed.

Electronics Need TLC:

While moving electronics is always an activity fraught with anxiety, you will need to take extra care of them during your winter move. Electronics can handle moderate temperature changes, you will want to ensure they are not sitting on a cold truck for too long. Pack them in last, if possible, and wrap them tightly with moving blankets so they will not be exposed to snow or condensation. Once you have them moved into your new apartment, allow them some time to adapt to the room temperature before using them.

Snow Day:

It’s not just the cold you need to contend with when moving to a new apartment rental – you’ll need to prepare for possible snow flurries. Use large, plastic yard waste bags to cover any wood items or plush furniture such as beds and couches. No one wants a wet bed after a long day of moving!

Take Breaks:

Any time you move to a new apartment property, it is important to take breaks to give your body a rest and to recharge. Hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate are all wonderful ideas for warming up. Don’t forget that you still need to hydrate yourself with water, despite the cool temperature! Have quick snacks on hand so you can keep your energy up throughout the moving day.

Your winter move can be a fun and relatively painless activity with proper planning. Of course, you can also look to hire a professional moving company who are experienced in winter moves. Whatever you decide to do, pack well and drive safely!

Happy 2013 to all and wishing all our readers a Happy New Year!

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