Summer Living: Why An Apartment Makes the Season that Much Sweeter


Living in Canada means that sometimes summer can fly by in the mere blink of an eye. Particularly after the long, cold winter we endured (a record-breaker in many parts of the country, according to The Weather Network), we all want to enjoy the summer months with as much gusto as possible.Apartments for Rent in Toronto

With summer, however, comes some of the upkeep and chores that are decidedly, well, not that fun. Thankfully, for apartment dwellers, these tasks don’t even enter their lexicon. Living in an apartment in the summer has many other perks that you simply would not get anywhere else. From outstanding amenities to community-building opportunities, residents of apartment buildings have it made in the shade during the summer months. If you’re considering making the move to a rental property, the time is now – and here’s why.

Say Goodbye to the Mower

Picture it: you come home from a long day at work and you want to relax on your patio. But as soon as you set foot into your backyard you see just how long that neglected grass is getting. Instead of kicking back with a cool drink in a comfortable lawn chair, you now have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Apartment dwellers know that they’ll never have to worry about firing up the lawnmower, breaking out the hedge-pruners or any other implements of landscape maintenance. They also don’t have to worry about painting, window washing and yearly upkeep to the exterior of the building. While they of course still need to concern themselves with the cleaning of their own suite, the big, tough jobs are left to the professionals at no extra cost to them. Talk about easy living.

Taking a Dip

Chances are, most homeowners do not have a swimming pool at their home. If they do, they can tell you just how much work they really are. Daily cleaning, ensuring chlorine levels are just right, purchasing all manner of pool accessories – really, the costs and the headache involved in owning your own pool can often outweigh the benefits. Thankfully, those who live in an apartment building with a pool get all of the perks without the fuss. Apartment dwellers also have the added bonus of fitness centres on site (no excuse to not hit the gym – or the pavement when it’s raining), with many apartments offering organized exercise classes, from yoga to Pilates.

Love Thy Neighbour

Living in an apartment in the summer means you will be presented with many opportunities to build up your community. In fact, most apartment buildings organize BBQ’s, parties and other events throughout the summer to encourage neighbours to get to know each other. It’s a chance to foster a sense of unity and truly make your apartment feel like a home. Many apartments have communal BBQ’s that can be used by tenants who want to organize their own summer parties for friends and family. Imagine hosting a mini-family reunion at your apartment building without having to concern yourself with whether or not there is enough propane in the BBQ tank.

Apartment dwellers have the best of both worlds – their own space to call home that is safe, clean and secure without the usual upkeep that comes along with home ownership. If you want to enjoy all the fruits of our Canadian summers, renting an apartment is the best way to go. See you at the pool 🙂

The RentSeeker Team