Social Media-Marketing and How to Get Started for the Apartment Rental Industry


You already have an established company and many already a website by now. Now you just need to bring other people to it and generate interest in your apartments for rent. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is to use social media. There are a number of social media networking sites that will help you to make your website popular and help find renters, and the three main sources today that you’ll want to use include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social Media for the Rental Industry
How can social media help your property management firm?

For any business and landlord, it is very important that you start blogging or submitting entries on a social networking site(s). This way, you can market your vacancies to thousands of potential renters that are also connected to the social media site. These sites also provide you with instant communication, and most importantly these sites are free to join. You’ll also improve your search engine placement, so that people can search for you when they’re using Yahoo or Google in order to find out more about Toronto rentals or apartments for rent throughout Canada.

The best way to make the most of the social media advantage is to set up an account with all three social networking sites, especially Twitter. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking websites in the world, so you’ll be able to attract potential renters outside of Canada, which is especially ideal since many renters do move from out of state. When you post comments on your status, you can include the link to your company’s website, so that it won’t be hard for people to find. You can also post rental incentives for prospective renters and links pointing to corresponding information. Another great tool Twitter can be used for in the apartment rental industry is as an e-newsletter to residents. Notify them that you’re now on twitter and you might be surprised to see how many of them are too.

After creating an account with these social media sources, you’ll need to start making friends on each of these sites. You can start by inviting your friends, colleagues and yes, even other Landlords, to join the site, and then connect with their mutual friends. This will help your network to grow, since you’ll be surprised how many people you actually know and even get to meet. If the members that you’ve sent friend requests to have heard of you or your company, it is likely that your request will be accepted faster. You can also post information about any business / resident -related events that you’re going to be having. You can invite tenants to attend the event(s),and can create an RSVP list, so you’ll know how many people to prepare for.

For your YouTube channel, upload rental videos of your property and you can add them into your listings on many other sites as well such as We also produce rental videos for Landlords that have Toronto Apartment Rentals:

Don’t forget to be consistent when you’re using social media. You’ll need to check in a few times a day in order to update your status, add more friends, and to keep your network updated about the professional progress you’re making.

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