RTA – Residential Tenancies Act


If you’re a Landlord or you are Renting in Ontario, it’s worth becoming familiar with the RTA – Residential Tenancies Act.

The act, created in 2006, covers most Ontario residential rental units. This includes rent of rooming and boarding houses, care homes and mobile homes.
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The following are examples of where the act is not applicable:

  • If a bathroom or kitchen must be shared between the renter and the landlord, or his relatives.
  • If the unit is being rented out on a temporary or seasonal basis.

Additionally, the rent rules do not apply to the following:

  • New rental buildings
  • Public and non-profit housing
  • University/college residences.

Although these units are not covered under the rent rules, they are covered by most of the other rules such as the reasons for eviction and the maintenance of the unit.

The Act does not cover any commercial tenancies.

Rental apartments in Toronto and across the GTA have been strongly affected by this act.

To learn more about the act, visit http://www.ltb.gov.on.ca/en/index.htm

The purpose of the Act: