RentSeeker’s Three-Step Temporary DIY Storage Solution for Rental Properties


Have you ever overlooked a potential apartment rental due to lack of storage? With apartment units and condo suites getting smaller and smaller to accommodate a growing need for accommodation, storage opportunities are becoming more and more scarce. Temporary storage solutions can be easily achieved with a little DIY elbow grease. The DIY closet we’ve come up with, for example, will allow you freedom from clutter while providing storage form everything to clothing, unsightly Rubbermaid tubs, vacuum cleaners, and kitty litters. Closet DIY Organizing for Apartment Rentals by RentSeeker

To create a temporary closet on a budget you will need ready-made curtains, two tension rods, and two tall cabinets (or one tall cabinet and a vacant wall). Cabinets can be easily picked up at local yard sales or local hardware stores. While searching, it’s important to keep in mind that you can paint dated cabinets and change hardware quite easily. It’s the dimensions of the cabinet that you should be most concerned with. In order to clear a standard clothing hanger you need at least 18” in depth. The IKEA PAX cabinet is a great example for clothing storage dimensions.

Now let’s get started!

Step One: Assemble and/or paint the cabinet (if necessary)

Step Two: Simply wedge both tension rods between the two cabinets (or between the wall and the cabinet). The first rod will be for the curtains to hide the storage, so position it high and close to the front. The second rod will hold your clothing, so position it a few inches lower than the first rod, and about half way to the back of the cabinet.

Step Three: Now, hang your drapes on the outer rod, clothing on the inner rod, and utilize the floor for storage bins and your vacuum cleaner.

What is great about this project is that you can personalize the cabinets and curtains to suit your taste and décor. Landlords love it because it doesn’t damage the existing space, and the best part of all – you take it with you when you move!

Let us know what you think of this project and follow’s Apartment Rental Blog for more great information and DIY ideas for Rental Living.

-The Team