Falling for Autumn: DIY Designs to Spruce Up Your Apartment Decor


September is a month of renewal. It not only signals back-to-school, but it also heralds in the changing of the season. While many Canadians lament the leaves beginning to fall, we at RentSeeker say that it’s time to embrace it. The colours of autumn are the perfect backdrop for flexing your creative muscle and making your apartment decor a lively tribute to the season. Before you start to haul out the Halloween decorations, give your apartment a taste of fall with some of these simple and inexpensive ideas.
Apartment DIY Decor

You Better Be-Leaf It

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of fall is, inevitably, leaves. Why not put some of those colourful leaves to good use in a DIY project? Select some of your favourite leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes (not to mention colours), press them for a few days in a heavy book and set to work designing a masterpiece of your own creation. If you have a balcony, a “wind chime” comprised of leaves is a beautiful way to enjoy the foliage without having to rake it. Alternatively, take those pressed leaves and frame them. Multiple frames with a few show stopping leaves are the perfect inexpensive addition to your living room. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ones.


If you’ve been to your local grocery store lately, you’ve no doubt noticed the plethora of gourds on display. While not everyone is a fan of their taste, they are definitely great contributions to your apartment decor. Purchase multiple gourds of varying sizes and colours and stack them up any way you see fit. They can become a centrepiece on your coffee table or be piled high in a large glass vase (with some leaves sprinkled in for good measure). There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so it’s a perfect beginner project for the DIY-averse. Gourds are a fun way to add colour to your apartment before Halloween pumpkins start to dot the landscape.


You might be starting to sense a theme – fall is full of amazing food that does double-duty as decor. Apples can be hollowed out so a votive candle can be placed inside (and then set to float in a large bowl full of water). This is the perfect centrepiece for a fall party at your apartment, as the apples will not last as long and stay as fresh as gourds.

Tie One On

Find the typical gourd kind of boring? Add some ribbon or washi tape to create your own beautiful version of an autumn wonderland. Stripes of brown, white and gold pop against the background of orange and yellow. You can even break out the sparkly paint and get really creative.

Welcoming Wreaths

Finally, it’s not truly fall unless wreaths abound. Create your own with any manner of items, ranging from felt to ribbon to leaves. Simply get some cardboard to use as a backing, cut it into your desired shape, and start gluing away. Before you know it, you’ll have a cute and completely unique wreath to hang on your apartment door.

Now who’s excited for fall?

The RentSeeker Team