Falling for an Autumn Apartment Party


It’s hard to believe, but the fall season is almost upon us. With the change of season comes a change to the daily schedules of the residents in your apartment building. Vacation is over for both adults and children alike, as back-to-school and work routines become steadied. With more of your apartment renters being home at the same time, now is the perfect opportunity to throw apartment community parties. Struggling for fresh ideas? Try out some of the suggestions below and bring your residents together for some fun and games!Apartment Community BBQ

Back-to-School Charity Drives

Helping kids get the back-to-school supplies they need to succeed is a great way to encourage your residents to make a difference for families both in the building and in the larger community. Ask residents to donate school supplies throughout the month that can then be donated to a local charity that helps families in need. If there are several families with children in your building, you may wish to have a back-to-school party where everyone can make donations at once. Have a draw for a gift certificate that’s good for other school necessities (running shoes and clothing are always needed) that can be given to a family in your building. It’s a great way to send kids back to school in style.

Potluck Dinner

The changing of the leaves also signals the coming of many new in-season fruits and vegetables. Organize a weekend potluck dinner where neighbours within your apartment rental complex can get to know each other over some great food. Have a sign-up sheet on your Facebook page or in a common area, like the lobby or mail room, where residents can indicate what they will be bringing. You’ll want to ensure that they indicate if their dishes contain any potential allergens (peanuts, gluten, etc.). If you get a good turnout, the potluck dinner can be done several times a year.

Game Night

Having a night where residents can get together and play games – whether it is cards, board games or even charades – are always popular options. Held in your building’s party room, game nights encourage residents to get to know each other over a friendly game of Monopoly. Have residents suggest which games they would like to play and which they can bring. On the night of, provide snacks and refreshments and have a few game stations set up so everyone can have a turn playing their game of choice. This could even become a bi-monthly event with new games played each time.

Fortress Property Management offers some excellent ideas for one last warm-weather party before the fall weather really takes hold in their article Awesome Event Ideas for Apartment Community Residents:

As important as it is to connect online through social media with your residents, it’s also equally important to boost moral by offering events for residents right at their apartment communities. Community events are a wonderful way to build a spirit of neighborliness among residents who might not otherwise have a chance to meet and interact with one another. These social events are also great for tenant retention, since residents are more likely to feel at home in communities that show that they care.

With the end of summer drawing near, it’s a great time for one last warm weather event. If you’re wondering what type of even to host, check out the list of ideas below.

Pool Party — If your community has a swimming pool, why not center an event around an afternoon of swimming and splashing. Offer light refreshments, refreshing drinks, and put on some fun music. A fun, low-key pool party is a fantastic way for the landlord or property manager and staff to make residents feel at home in their community!

Barbecue — A community-wide barbecue is a great way to make tenants feel appreciate and at home. If your community is restricted by a budget, you could make the event a potluck, and ask tenants to each bring a favorite dish.

Weekend Brunch — A casual weekend morning brunch with coffee, pastries, fresh fruit, and coffee cake is a great way to make residents fee welcome. Also, hosting the event on a weekend will offer more residents the chance to attend.

Speed Friending — A take on the increasingly popular trend of speed dating, speed friending allows all attendees to befriend their neighbors in a fast and fun setting. You can even encourage attendees to break the ice by suggesting that they bring a favorite book. That way, everybody will have something to talk about from the start.

So while Summer maybe coming to an end…Fall can bring lots of fun!