Entertain Renters with Apartment Community Resident Events


Spring into the Season with a Selection of Resident Events:

Coming up with unique event ideas and coordinating programs for residents can seem overwhelming. Catering to people of all ages can be tricky, since children and adults have different interests. Apartment Renters
The following is a list of suggestions for fun and creative ways to engage your renters this Spring. Special attention should be placed on food, theme and décor choices in order to create the right atmosphere and ensure a memorable experience for all who attend. Don’t forget to snap some pics to share in common areas and via social media. With a bit of effort, the end result is guaranteed to be community-building success!

1. Unity Through Charity – Get your residents involved and motivated through community service. This type of event doesn’t have to cost anything and provides your local Goodwill or Salvation Army with much-needed items. Just encourage your renters to fill up a giant bin in the lobby or office with gently used items from their apartments (clothing and shoes). Volunteers or staff members can then deliver the items to a local charity organization. This is a perfect event to do during the Spring, as it also doubles as a “Spring Cleaning Your Apartment!” initiative.

2. Coffee Talk – This event can be held on a weekday morning and will attract retired residents and stay-at-home moms. It provides an intimate setting for them to engage in conversation and feel part of a niche in the community. The gathering can have a weekly theme, such as discussing current events or a book that all participants have read in advance. Guest speakers, such as a nutritionist, can even be invited to present short lectures to the group.

3. Local Outing – Organize an outing to a nearby museum or art gallery. This will appeal to residents of all ages, including seniors and families. When the weather is nice, more people will want to participate in day trips that are both interesting and educational. Flyers should be created a few weeks in advance and posted in the lobby or near elevators to draw attention. Pricing and transportation information should be noted.

4. Kids Crafts – Kids love playing outdoors, so put together an afternoon of activities for your younger residents. You can serve snacks and drinks, such as hotdogs, chips, veggies and dip and juice, to make the event more appealing. Organize games to keep the children entertained, including sidewalk chalk drawing, a water balloon fight, a group mural painted by all of the kids, or a station where they can decorate their own T-shirt. All of these ideas are very budget friendly and will be parent approved!

5. Social Media Games – Distribute BINGO cards to your residents or have them available in the office for pick up. Then, everyday, post a number on Facebook or send it out in a mass email. When someone gets BINGO, give out a small prize or an award. Since so many people use social media, this is a great way to get them involved in a building activity. By having them utilize your Facebook page for a game, they will also have access to it for other events and notifications that you post. Aside from BINGO, trivia games work well.

Enjoy this Spring / Summer season!

The RentSeeker.ca Team