Do It Yourself Apartment Holiday Decor…Decorate on a Budget!


The holidays are a joyous time spent with friends and family, but it can also be hard on your bank account. While we all want to spruce up our apartments to match the festive season, after purchasing all manner of gifts our budgets are stretched pretty thin. If you’ve got a bit of the DIY bug (and even if you don’t) there are a number of fun and inexpensive ways that you can get your apartment holiday-ready without breaking the bank. Here, RentSeeker shows you some of our absolute favourites.
Apartment Holiday Decor

Natural Nature

At this time of year, finding pinecones, leaves and twigs is a pretty easy task. Simply look around the grounds of your apartment building or in a local park. These natural finds can quickly liven up any apartment holiday decor. Fill a bowl with pinecones that you’ve painted yourself, or leave them as is for a nod to Mother Nature. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can even fashion the twigs and pinecones into a small wreath to hang on your front door. You may want a little help from a wreath form that you can purchase on the cheap at any craft store. The sky is the limit, so see where your imagination can take you.

Decor Swap

If you already have holiday decorations from previous years but are getting tired of the same old, same old, arrange a decor swap with your friends or neighbours. What’s old to them is new to you, and you will find that you can create a whole new look for your apartment without having to spend any money. It’s a fun and easy way to get to know neighbours in your apartment building, too.


Take items that have a different use, like a glass bottle, and repurpose them into something beautiful. Empty wine bottles make great candle holders and you can use a simple glass bowl (with a festive ribbon tied around it) to hold holiday candy. You can also use excess wrapping paper and bows to create wreaths and your own mistletoe to hang from the ceiling. You can also use candy AS your decor, such as using candy canes to cover the outside of a vase to make it instantly festive.

Add Colour

Sometimes getting your apartment holiday-ready only takes the addition of a blanket or pillow in traditional Christmas colours to your living room. Now is the time bring out that red throw blanket or green pillow coverings. You can even purchase yards of holiday-themed fabric at a craft/sewing store for relatively little money and make your own blankets and pillowcases.

Glittering Nights

When all else fails, a little glitter will create an instant holiday atmosphere in your apartment. Sprinkle a little under a centrepiece on your coffee table, glue it to pinecones or roll a candle in it. The sky is the limit! Just remember to keep it away from pets and little ones and you’ll be sparkling safely.

Do you have some DIY tips for making your apartment shine this holiday season? Send us your comments!

Happy Holidays from the Team 🙂