Cool Gadgets for Making Your Apartment a High-Tech Living Space


Making your apartment your home is the best part of moving into a new place. Putting up blinds and hanging pictures isn’t the only way to customize your space —these incredible home tech gadgets will add convenience and atmosphere to your apartment.

Our team here at compiled a list of 10 Super Cool Gadgets for Making Your Apartment a High-Tech Living Space:

Cool Gadgets for Making Your Apartment a High-Tech Living Space


1. Quirky + GE Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner

If you’ve ever worried about air conditioning costs, the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner could be the perfect solution. The unit connects to a smartphone app where you enter information such as your monthly budget, location, and schedule and the unit learns to keep your home at the desired temperature while saving you money.

2. Sharp LC-48LE551U

When you move into a new place, you want to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the newest episode of Game of Thrones in crisp HDTV. Sharp’s 48” HDTV is a fantastic option to really make an impact in your living room. The picture is clear and vibrant and the sound matches the picture quality.

3. Amazon Echo

Now that you have your own place, you probably want to be able to play your music whenever — and however — you want. The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth is a voice-activated speaker that sounds great and comes with really cool bonus features — like the ability to check the weather and connect to other smart home gadgets.

4. Nest Smoke + CO Alarm

Are you tired of waving a tea towel under the smoke alarm while its piercing screams tell you that you burnt your toast? The Nest Smoke + CO Alarm solves that problem by being a smart smoke AND carbon monoxide alarm. It will use words to let you know if it senses smoke or carbon monoxide and can be easily turned off with a quick wave of the arm.

5. Petcube

If you have a furry friend at home, it can be hard to leave them to go to school or work. Petcube can give you piece of mind — it’s a video camera that you can tune into via your smartphone. You’ll never have to wonder what Fluffy is up to again!

6. LG Twin Wash System

Most of the time, apartments leave little room for a washer and dryer. Make the most of your time and space with the LG Twin Wash System. This is two washing machines in one — which means that you can cut laundry time in half! There’s also Bluetooth, so you can start a load from your desk at work.

7. CrockPot Smart

Slow-cookers can be lifesavers for the busy professional — and now there’s a smart CrockPot to make life even easier! You can monitor, adjust settings, and receive notifications all with your smartphone.

8. Ivee Sleek

If Tony Stark’s house makes you jealous, you can get one step closer to living like Iron Man with the Ivee Sleek virtual assistant. Use the voice activate assistant to manage your other smart home devices simply by asking.

9. LG Hom-Bot Square

Keeping an apartment clean takes time — time that you may not have. Take vacuuming off your hands with the LG Hom-Bot Square. This little motorized vacuum can get into corners and even lets you know when the bag is full.

10. Handpresso Hand-Held Expresso Maker

When countertop real estate is at a premium, Handpresso will still enable you to make your morning expresso without taking up any counter space! This portable expresso machine uses both ground coffee and pods for extreme convenience.

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