Bed Bugs and Pest Control


Bed Bugs Plague Don’t only Plague Toronto Apartment Rentals
Bed Bug
How was your night sleep? For an ever increasing number of people in Toronto, it aint so good! Today the concern is not only related to apartment rentals.  Becoming increasingly troublesome in so many places, and on so many surfaces… the bed bugs or cimex lectularius – as known in latin, are steadily becoming the nuisance of the times.  It seems that this bug has been getting almost as much media coverage as an upcoming Spiderman movie. Oh yeah, the movies. You like going to movies? Well, sorry to inform you, it’s not only the stuff on the movie screen that may be may be what’s on the seat. Yup, bed bugs! Question: should they really be referred to as bed bugs now they’ve expanded to the theatre? In any event, I certainly wouldn’t suggest that every movie theatre has them, maybe non in Toronto, but maybe so, I don’t know. Some New York theatres have them, am pretty certain a whole bunch of rental apartments in New York have them. But hey, New York has everything right? So how do you check for them? If you are like me, you’re not likely to be checking for anything that may have been crawling around the mattress. I’ll be calling the experts. Ready for this..the experts?

You’ve heard of drug sniffing dogs? Well there is also bed bug sniffing dogs. Apparently these trained bed bug sniffers have incredible bed bud detection abilities, an outstanding sense of smell that can detect bed bugs wherever they are hiding. Not only can they smell the difference between live bed bugs and dead bed bugs, they also detect their eggs with their astonishing sense of smell. The only problem I have with this remedy, is my terrible allergies to dogs. So that leaves the other experts…Magical Pest Control, – Toronto’s other answer to scratching. Call them and sleep well!