Attracting Renters to Your Apartments for Rent


It seems like there are an endless number of apartments available for potential renters to choose from.

What makes yours stand out from the crowd? Family Moving into their new Apartment for Rent

There are steps you can take to ensure your online and real-life presence are projecting the right image of your rental properties, and therefore helping you attract the perfect renters and converting them to long term residents.

Curb Appeal:

This is one of the most important aspects of attracting renters. While putting a sign on the front lawn advertising a vacancy is useful (particularly in cities with low vacancy rates, like Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Victoria), renters will not want to inquire about the apartment if the building is in disrepair. Mow the lawn, tend to the gardens and ensure no garbage is lying around. If you take pride in the building, renters will be proud to call it home.

Features and Perks:

This comes in handy when you are advertising the apartment online. What makes your apartment building special? What can you offer a tenant that no one else can? Take this opportunity to really give your building the shine it deserves. If you have a fitness centre, a pool, a community garden, you need to let potential tenants know. Highlight the community and neighbourhood, such as nearby amenities, access to public transit and any parks or walking trails that are within a short walking distance. All of these little features add up to a perfect home. provides a full spectrum of Real Estate Marketing Services to Landlords & Property Management Companies such as Professional Photography, Apartment Videos, 3-D Floor Plans, Website Design & SEO, Social Media Marketing, Custom QR Codes optimized to enhance your Company, Properties & Brand, Storyboards, Custom Print Campaigns and more.


No one wants to live somewhere that looks and feels dirty, so upkeep is important. This is true not just for attracting new residents, but for retaining current tenants as well. Keep common areas tidy, repaint where necessary, or even add fresh flowers in the lobby. Replace light bulbs when they are burnt out and keep the mail room organized (flyers can pile up so quickly!).
Professionalism: Being professional says a lot about you. When responding to inquiries about the apartment for rent, be courteous and informative. Now is not the time for using shorthand (if responding to an e-mail) or being extremely informal (if speaking to the potential tenant on the phone). When showing the apartment, let your friendly side shine through brightly. Answer any questions that the tenant(s) may have to the best of your ability and offer to obtain the answer for them if you do not have the information required on hand. Tenants are more likely to recommend the building to others if they have a landlord who is approachable.

Site Staff:

There is nothing more appealing to a prospective renter than finding someone on site easily who welcomes them and offers them a full walk through of the rental suite and building with information about the neighborhood. So make sure your on-site staff are friendly & knowledgeable about your property – sometimes this can be the most important tool at retaining your next resident.

Following the steps outlined above will have you on your way to finding and renting your vacant apartments in no time!

-The Team