Apartment Renting Made Easy


If you are just beginning to search for an apartment for rent, you might be realizing that it is not as easy as it seemed. What started off as a simple, “Oh we just need a 2 bedroom next to the subway”, often becomes a lot more complex as the moving date looms nearer.

Details such as the property manager / property management company, its reputation, the neighbours you’ll be living next to for the foreseeable future and many other details, are all key issues that should be considered as you begin your apartment search.

Other moving considerations could include; new appliances, swimming pools, the location of the laundry room, other amenities, and many other small details that can make your next apartment either the place you love or hate.

With this in mind, RentSeeker .ca features a list of the top five things to keep in mind when renting an apartment in Toronto or anywhere throughout Canada & how we integrate these features to help renters gather as much information and research prior to renting a new apartment.

1) Floor Plans — 2D & 3D:

When you are searching the internet for a new apartment, it is often very helpful to see the floor plan prior. Everything in your apartment can be changed around except for the layout of your apartment, so make sure your comfortable with it. RentSeeker .ca features 2D & 3D  floor plans of every listing in its portfolio*.

(*if made available by the landlord)

Rentseeker .ca has introduced a new feature which some landlords are quickly taking advantage of, a 3D floor plan. This gives you, the renter a tremendous advantage, to clearly see the layout of the room and plan where to place your furniture.

If you’re looking to add this feasture to rental listings, contact [email protected]

2) Company Reputation:

The next thing you want to keep in mind is the name of the company and its reputation. A company’s reputation, and its ability to manage rental properties, can make a huge difference in the way your needs will be taken care of. RentSeeker .ca lists all the companies and information about them, so renters can easily do your research and investigate the advantages of each.

3) Location.

Nothing is more important in the real estate world then location. The same is true for renting an apartment in Toronto or anywhere in Canada. Your location, from the proximity to subways, schools and shopping will be a major factor in your apartment hunt.

To provide this information to renters, Rentseeker .ca offers a mapping system, so you can easily see the property on Google maps.

Another great item included for free on their website is a WalkScore.  A WalkScore, rates a neighbourhood for its ease of access to many different areas, like schools, subway and shopping. The higher a Walkscore, the closer you will be to all your needs.

4) Pictures and Videos

One of the greatest things about viewing apartments for rent online, is the advantage of being to able to preview the apartment and see pictures of it before actually spending time to go visit the apartment.

Besides for posting pictures of the apartment, RentSeeker .ca has also taken it a step further, offering two choices of Apartment Videos to landlords. The first option is having a professional photographer take high quality pictures of the rental property and produce a property video of the images by looking after scripting, voice over, music and branding.

The second option is taking real video footage of the property and producing a professional Property Video with scripting, voice over, music and branding.

Whichever option, RentSeeker.ca’s Video Marketing Team can help create a beautiful Property Video and post it on our website, YouTube channel and more.

(see our Apartment Videos on our YouTube channel anytime and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest releases as they are uploaded: http://www.youtube.com/RentSeekerinc )

5) Contact Information

So you’re finally ready to visit the apartments for rent you’ve researched. You have all the details, you know what you want, and it fits your needs. RentSeeker .ca makes it easy with a convenient tab that gives you all you need to call, email or visit the company’s web site to arrange an appointment.

Renting an apartment in Toronto or anywhere in Canada  has never been easier or more feature packed. With so many helpful tools, and a site that is jam-packed with information in an easy to use, well-organized format, Rentseeker .ca truly is the number #1 source for apartment hunting.

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Good Luck with your next search for an Apartment!

– The RentSeeker.ca Team