Apartment Hunting with Children? Here Are Some Tips…


Searching for an apartment to rent in large cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and cities across Canada becomes slightly more complicated when you have children. As a parent you want to carefully research your options and consider your children’s needs, before committing to a particular apartment.
Apartment Hunting with Children
Find yourself in that position? Firstly, we recommend using an online apartment search service (which is FREE for renters), such as Rentseeker.ca, which will allow you to conduct your apartment search from the convenience of your own home or office, based on your specific criteria. Multiple rental listings can be found in most popular cities across Canada. It will save time, money and effort by having the ability to view details, photos, videos, maps, area amenities, and even the company owner information. With that information all available online at your convenience,  you can route your map and head out to visit the apartments you found fit your criteria.

Here are some more tips you might want to look for when searching for an apartment rental with children or a family in mind:


As children, we have always been taught safety first. The same holds true in your apartment search. Think of the area that you plan on living in and do some research regarding the neighborhoods reputation. You can also walk around and see whether the place is well kept and maintained. Talk to potential neighbors if you can, and find out how they feel regarding their neighborhood.


Nowadays many buildings come with security features such as concierges, video cameras and security patrols. They are a great deterrent, making it the property less of a target for crime. Rentseeker.ca offers a features on its website that allows you to check off a box that will only show you apartments in your area that have these or similar security measurements.


Parents might also want to consider the location of the apartment in relationship to the street. An ideal location would be an apartment that does not face or back up to a busy street or intersection. However if it must, check to see if it has a fenced in area or backyard where the children can run around in and play safely.

Local Area & Amenities

One of the primary considerations of parents is the location of the apartment. Is it near Schools? Shopping? Transportation?

Rentseeker features  WalkScore in all rental listings. What this does is rate the area in terms of its ease of accessibility to schools, shopping, transportation etc.. When you search for an apartment to rent in any city in Canada, this tool can be a extremely useful to help gather information about the area. Think of the amount of time and effort that can be saved if you find an apartment near your children’s school, rather then having to commute.

With those tips in mind, and using RentSeeker as your source for apartments for rent across Canada, you’ll understand why RentSeeker.ca =  Apartments for Rent Made Easy 🙂

The RentSeeker.ca Team