Apartment Deep Cleaning Made Easy


We all know about spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? Before the snow falls, take some time to deep clean your apartment and prepare for the winter ahead. We’re talking about the areas that you might not clean on a weekly basis, like window sills, walls and baseboards. After having your windows open throughout much of the summer months, dirt and dust will have begun to accumulate in these areas without you even realizing it. Banish the grime with RentSeeker’s handy checklist that will make your apartment deep cleaning a breeze (or at least feel like one).
Apartment Cleaning

Stock Up

First and foremost, prepare for battle by grabbing your trusty cleaning products and accessories. We recommend having the following on hand, particularly if you’re looking for a more natural and eco-friendly solution to your dirt problems:

– white vinegar

– baking soda

– lemons

– sponges

– rubber gloves

– mineral oil

– ammonia

– paper towel

– hydrogen peroxide

Think Outside the Box

Chances are, you probably have a cleaning routine that you stick to. While this is a good strategy for your weekly cleaning, you need to think a bit bigger when you are going for a deep clean. Move your couch and vacuum or wash the floor underneath (you’d be surprised just how much dirt and dust bunnies gather there), clean the top of your ceiling fan and remove food from your cupboards so you can wash the shelves. There are many places for grime to hide, so get creative with your cleaning list.

Select Your Solution

If you’re trying to keep things green, use a combination of water, vinegar and lemon to use in your tub and sinks. If you have dirty grout in your kitchen tiles, try a mixture of baking soda and water (scrubbed in with an old toothbrush) to really get your floor shining. Baking soda is also a very effective remover of grease, so it’s a perfect solution for cleaning your oven or stovetop. However, if you just want to get the job done and blast that grime away, good old fashioned ammonia mixed with water will do the trick. Just remember to always wear rubber gloves, no matter what solution you choose.

Window to the Soul

Your windows have more dirt on them than you realize, particularly if you’ve been keeping them open to let in the cool summer breezes. Wash both inside and outside (if you have a balcony or patio), including the window sills. Use this opportunity to check for any leaks or damage to the seal and, if you spot any, let your landlord know right away so it can be repaired before the cold winter sets in. Finally, give your window coverings the deep clean treatment by either vacuuming them or wiping them down with vinegar and water.

Sleepy Time

Finally, don’t neglect your bed. Sure, you wash your bedding often, but your mattress can harbour lots of dust and, we’re sorry to say, dust mites. You can deodorize your mattress with a combination of baking soda and lavender essential oil. Not only will it smell great, but lavender helps to relax you and send you off to la-la land faster. You may also want to wash your pillows, not just your pillowcases. Check the tags to make sure you can wash them on your own.

Before you know it, your apartment will be a sparkling paradise of cleanliness from top to bottom. Good luck and happy cleaning!

The RentSeeker Team