Learn how to leverage Social Media sites to find a Great Apartment to Rent!


Social Media in Modern Times

Social media sites and online forums were created for groups of people who share a common idea, to be able to gather and talk about what interests them in one convenient area.  But social media isn’t just about that anymore. As the online community continues to grow, and more and more people come to visit your (once) little corner of the internet, social media presents a unique opportunity to many businesses and consumers. RentSeeker.ca Apartments using Social Media

Since Social Media sites bring together a wide selection of people, from across the spectrum of the internet, who all have one common goal, savvy consumers can use the group knowledge to leverage the market in the favor.

Using Social Media to find an apartment

If you’re looking to rent an apartment in Toronto or across Canada, and haven’t done so already, join an online community that specializes in apartment rentals in your area. Once your registered you will be able to talk to fellow renters, and discuss different apartments in your area, and compare things like; prices, layouts, landlords and more. Of the largest social media sites in the world today are YouTube, Twitter & Facebook, all great ways for landlords, companies and apartment seekers to meet and discuss different properties. Check out Rentseeker.ca’s Twitter, YouTube & Facebook pages for more information and discussions about apartments in your area.


Rentseeker.ca actually has built in social sharing and tenant forums & student forums on their site that allows Students, Tenants and Landlords, to interact with each other in their search for an apartment in Canada.

You can access the forum by logging in at RentSeeker.ca and selecting the links for Tenants, Landlords or Students. RentSeeker, as well as many companies are integrating Facebook and Twitter into their options, to allow you to connect to other renters through an already established medium.

Other Options

When you search for an apartment online, you might also come across reviews written by previous occupants (or sometimes neighbors) of the apartment. While it is a good idea to check out the reviews, keep in mind that it always represents an individual’s view of the apartment. Often what bothers him might not seem like a big deal to you and vice versa.

So join an online network! Its fun and can be greatly rewarding. Tell people what you are looking for, and help other people in their search for apartments. Who knows who or where you next lead can come from. It can be your neighbor, your friend, a future classmate or even a total stranger. Social Media sites present a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of possibilities in the market of your choice and offer apartment seekers a chance to interact with other people who share the same goal as you do.

-The RentSeeker.ca Team